Subcomponents Rebuilding Center

Machine Shop

Subcomponents Rebuilding Center

Based in Barquisimeto, our Machine Shop is a world-class sub-component reconstruction centre, dedicated to providing specialised product support, guaranteeing 95% recovery of the parts of the most recognised brands of bomper to bomper equipment on market..

Within its entire extension, the Machine Shop has 5 work areas, ranging from metallisation and HVOF, machining, welding, grinding, service and product support staffed by more than 30 technicians in charge of its operation; each of the parts entering our workshop undergoes a process of reception, washing, evaluation, quality plan development for its reconstruction, painting, preparation and subsequent dispatch for a new useful life.

This workshop houses 14 CNC & 7 Std machines, 52 workstations plus 5 Rottler CNC machines for re-building blocks, engine parts and castings, all state of the art tools for precise finishing and high quality standards.